The Holly King


I am the Holly King, the dying Sun and King of the Old Year

Like the Phoenix who rises anew from its ashes

I too shall return, born anew

As the Child, the New Sun and King

I hold in my arms

He is my son and my heir

He is my Self

Having learned the wisdoms of the South

I now return to the North

To bring you warmth and light

And the promise of Spring

I am the Holly King.



The Holly King's Song


Through smiling eyes to you I say,

'Blessings on this Yuletide day!'

For though my reign is at an end;

Good cheer and joy to you I send.

Celebrate now, the return of the sun/son!

The Oak King's reign has just begun.

Through the turning wheel of time,

Each will have their turn to shine.

So relax. Be still, for this Yuletide spell;

Send love to all and all will be well!